Are You Eligible for In-Home Healthcare?

Are You Eligible for In-Home Healthcare?

See how you can afford companion care in Jenkintown, Levittown, Philadelphia, PA and the nearby cities

In-home care may seem prohibitively expensive, but it could be more affordable than you think. Caring Based Healthcare Services strives to keep our services accessible to those in the Jenkintown, Levittown and Philadelphia, PA areas who need them most. Many of our clients can use Pennsylvania's Medicaid waivers to get the assistance they need without relocating to an assisted living center.

If you have questions about your eligibility for our program or the waiver, please call 267-235-7607 now.

Do you qualify for in-home care?

Our in-home healthcare is designed for those who...

  • Require a minimal or moderate level of in-home care
  • Have a long-term illness, disability or medical condition
  • Fall under certain income and saving levels

Please note that our aides are not nurses and cannot administer medication.

To find out whether or not you're eligible for our in-home healthcare services, please speak to a member of our staff today.